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While planning my husband’s birthday party, I was inspired to use party items that were recycled, reused or made of natural materials. My extensive research led me to discover a variety of eco-friendly party items, yet I could not find a single outlet for customers to shop for such goods. Non-recyclable plastic and often toxic materials make up the majority of party supplies, however, we saw that we can easily avoid this waste and reduce our contribution to landfills by shopping with awareness. Determined to keep parties fun and exciting, my husband and I launched a party shop and revamped it in for a one-stop-shopping destination for eco-friendly goods. The best part is, that that step towards the right direction in helping to reduce the carbon footprint parties leave on our planet.

Our Growth

Since we opened, our assortment has grown to a lot of products, there was a time that we went through some difficulty’s & needed to scale down our business, but at the beginning of 2019, we got our acts together & started everything from scratch!! So, we started a section for eco-friendly home & kitchen products to meet the growing demand from eco-conscious mums. We believe that an eco-home is a wonderful way to have a family life with a commitment to responsible green living. And that is why we carry affordable, high quality and select eco-friendly favors and supplies from around the world. Prices and products vary, with selections for all budgets and all styles. Once your party is over, these items can be re-used or re-gifted and some may even become keepsakes. The assortment continues to evolve as we make a dedicated effort to bring you the latest, innovative eco-friendly products on bestbamboos.com so that even while being green, your kitchen + parties + bedroom + everything... can still look their best.

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